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 Nabilosat Darkstar DM7020 Dreamer 19.07.2007 19:58

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Nabilosat Darkstar DM7020

Hi Nabilo PPL.
Here is another one great suprise for all.
Nabilosat Darkstar 7020 !!!!!!!!!!!

This is a special version with experimental skin extensions.

What is new in this version?

- OE 1.4
- Latest CVS
- Added nfs server (to share hdd between dreamboxes)
- Added Network Control Center (you can easly enable/disable the services you are using. Disabling not used services will cause a better network performance).
- Added new pixmaps listboxes and new button objects.
- Added extended skin system for image panels.

- Fixed server connections
- Fixed webif css
and more...

In this Nabilosat image version many panels code have been moved to the skin.
In this way the skin can be more personalized and have panels in their own style.
Many pixmaps have been added too.

Warning: You can use only Skins for Nabilosat Darkstar on this image.

And Here is a some screenshots from new image:

Special thanks to Vali for the wonderful skin.
Special thanks to Army for the new wonderful bootlogos.
Thanks to all the beta-testers.
Special thanks to all the skinners Army Vali Matrix10 and Porto for the support in graphics additions and improvements.

No Keys, No Emu Inside.

Im Downloadbereich


Fragen gehören ins Board und nicht in mein Postfach!
Alle von mir eingestellte Dateien dienen ausschließlich nur zu Testzwecken!
Das schauen von Pay Tv ohne gültigen Abonennten ist ILLEGAL!
Ich überneheme deshelb keine Verantwortung!

19.07.2007 19:58 Dreamer is offline Homepage of Dreamer Search for Posts by Dreamer Add Dreamer to your Buddy List
Der Betreiber und die Moderatoren vom distanzieren sich hiermit ausdrücklich durch den von Dreamer am 19.07.2007 um 19:58 verfassten Beitrag.
Sollte dieser Beitrag Ihre Rechte verletzen bitten wir um Benachrichtigung

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