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The Original PLi® Helenite Final suite includes the following components:

Enigma 26-03-2007
Latest Dreamfiles and Dreamdrivers
Tuxtxt v1.99
Web Interface: 6.0.2-Expert - PLi® edition

The Original PLi® Helenite Final suite contains the following images:


Use the download URL below to be sure to download our original PLi® images.

See below for whats New, Fixed & Features since PLi® Helenite RC

- Update of Dreambox-DVB-modules, new driver for DM600
- For the DM500 now two images are built
The default with the current driver, and the same image again but with the old framebuffer driver

- Softcam setup: immediately start default softcam at bootup (instead of waiting for scrambled channel)
- Added "time sync method" setting, allowing to ignore transponder time (and rely on system time instead)
- Added 'zapstream' support (thanks to Sjaaky)
- Added syslog support for enigma
- Fixed showing marker in second column of serviceselector
- Added support for autostart plugins (type 4)
- Added support to register an external player to a file extension or directory name (plugin type 5)
For example: now you can play DreamDVD without any further plugin
- Show radio button for record in help screen while in dvr mode.
- Updated cifs in kernel to 1.45
Now it is also possible to use cifs to connect to samba server of a DM7000
- Added 'Disable background scanning' in Satellites and Transponders

- Added Arabic support
- Arabic translations (thanks to Adel)
- Added Chinese support
- Chinese translations (thanks to mygod)
- Czech translations (thanks to ims)
- French translations (thanks to secaviar)
- Frysk translations (thanks to gerrit)
- German translations (thanks to Quest)
- Lithuanian translations (thanks to Adga)
- Polish translations (thanks to adik2)
- Swedish translations (thanks to hutten)
- Turkish translations (thanks to Kerem)

- Added (background)pixmap support to eProgress
- Added "eVideoWidget" support (skinnable PiG)
- Added "menu.background" pixmap support for skin
- PLicons removed from image, now available in our Software Management

- CCcam: Update built-in SoftCam for 500 and 56x0 to version 2.0.0
- MGcamd kill script fixed

NFS server:
- Added nfs utils and portmap to flash image
- Addes script for DM7000
- All the user has to do now is create a /var/etc/exports file and start the
nfs server (manually with or through enabling nfs server in setup)

Mount manager:
- Complete new recording location approach: removed link /var/media/movie and use *** /pli/mediaMapping/movies now

- Changed MediaPLi genre colors
- Changed number of channels and font size in MultiEPG
- Fixed remembering last zapped channel

DBEPG plugin:
- Fixed cron support
- Added config files for rt and wolf

- Online update support (ipkg feed) for OE boxes (7020/600)
- Openvpn support for OE boxes (7020/600)
- NTP support for OE boxes (7020/600)
- Upgrade of SQLite to version 3.3.16
- DVD kit / Burn2DVD plugin support
- Global up to date satellites.xml added

General fixes:
- Avoid /var/log/wtmp growing too big
- Fixed mountmanager "not mounted" bug for DM600 and DM7020
- Added /mnt/nfs again for use with Flashwizzard
- Fixed if no harddisk could be found
- Fixed starting spinning of the harddisk when the PLi setup was entered
- Fixed some bugs in "recording and playing"
- Added update period in inadyn plugin
- Fixed wrong character in Polish EPG
- Fixed recording device bug when /var was on a FAT formatted USB stick
- Fixed detection of harddisks and USB sticks formatted without partitions
- Minor fix in swap file and move /var menu
- Solved cause of "[EPGSQL] skipped update of record in services table" log message
- Fixed problem with starting scheduled recording while watching another recording which was paused
- Prevent memory exhaustion due to large epg.dat. If epg.dat is larger than 5 MB, it is not read
- Fixed now/next update in OSD and EPG viewers
- Fixed problem adding a marker when recordings.epl was not locked
- Fixed problem with starting scheduled recording while watching another recording which was paused
- Fixed problem when browsing in filemode not the correct date/time was shown
- Fixed problem when adding a timer through EPG in WebIf the start and stop offset was not being used
- Fixed Internet update fails when /var was on USB
- No firewall on OE boxes (DM600/DM7020) fixed

Many low level changes fixes and other updates...



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