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 TOP50 Official Dance Charts 21.04.08 Van Helsing 21.04.2008 16:24

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Platz - Artist - Titel

01-lutzenkirchen - 3 tage wach
02-david guetta - delirious
03-nightcrawlers - push the feeling on 2008
04-the real booty babes - played-a-live
05-moby - disco lies
06-ian oliver ft shantel - bucovina
07-ian oliver ft eastenders - vino vino
08-de-grees vs real booty babes - apologize
09-fragma - tocas miracle
10-2-4 grooves - writing on the wall
11-fettes brot - bettina
12-run dmc vs bodyrox - yeah its like this
13-hampenberg - acid disco plastic electro
14-crew 7 - money for nothing
15-dabruck and klein - d i s c o
16-cascada - what do you want from me
17-fedde le grand and funkerman - 3 minutes to explain
18-moguai - kick out the jams
19-andrew spencer meets blue nature - i need a hero
20-eric prydz - pjanoo
21-ivory - ghostbusters
22-funkerman - speed up
23-azzido da bass - dooms night 2008
24-re-fuge ft nicole tyler - so real
25-sia - the girl you lost to cocaine
26-sample rippers - hardcore vibez
27-dj shog - feel me
28-mike nero - loops and tings 2008
29-the potbelleez - dont hold back
30-bob sinclar ft steve edwards - together
31-daft punk - harder better faster stronger
32-ian carey ft michelle shellers - keep on rising
33-public enemy vs benny benassi - bring the noise
34-springstil - ey heb die beine an
35-topmodelz - when youre looking like that
36-groovestylerz - prove your love
37-chemistry - we are one 2008
38-mark oh - i dont like mondays
39-mondotek - alive
40-lexy and k-paul ft das bo - the clap
41-stfu - thriller 2008
42-peter gelderblom vs dan parker - trapped
43-royal gigolos - girls just wanna dance
44-daniel hoppe - star
45-alex c ft yass - du bist so porno
46-patrick bryze and jim tonique - better world
47-da hool - hold on
48-freddy fader and rico nl - the riddle
49-dream dance alliance - spring forward and fall behind
50-belmond and parker - feel it

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